Burnout complaints?

Seeing a burnout as a gift isn't so easy when you're in the middle of it. But it is REALLY TRUE!!! You get so many insights, can learn so much, receive so much love, do so much... Painting is my gift and I am very grateful for it. Letting go is the magic word. That applies to me when making paintings, but also beyond that. You don't know what's coming, and that's okay. Helping people with that process is my passion.

I support people with burnout complaints. I do this by letting them paint, coach and NLP intuitively (4 sessions of 2 - 2½ hours). I am an experience expert with regard to burnout and my experience is that the coaching process is started too quickly, there is still too much unrest in the head and as a result a process does not work well. There is no 'space', the burnout customer is not ready for it yet.

The painting-coaching sessions create peace, space........ and that is the road to recovery.

In September 2019 I changed course. After working as a nurse for almost 40 years, it was time for something different. I wanted to keep helping people, but in a different way.

I have been a coach since 2014. I followed this training at the Academy for Coaching in Nijmegen

I completed the NLP Practitioner training in 2020.

A trajectory with painting coaching contributes to a better and faster recovery.

Request a quote without obligation or come by for information, just make an appointment. The coffee is ready

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M: alma@atelieralmajansen.nl


Christina: On my daily walk I came into contact with Alma. We got to talking and I decided to start painting coaching. This was exactly what I needed.
Alma thanks for your empathy, your listening ear and offering the right exercises. I'm much better now.
Laura, leerkracht basisonderwijs, 41 jaar: I have followed a painting coaching trajectory with Alma for the past two months, because I am overwrought. Through the fine NLP exercises and asking questions while painting, I have examined my pitfalls and qualities. Alma was a warm and attentive coach for me. I talked a lot and because of that I have the feeling that I have really progressed in my process.
Alma, thank you so much for all this!

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