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2305 Mikado

Mikado uit 2023. De grote zus van mikadootje.

2303 Colorball 2

Collorball II uit 2023.

2301 Big crowds

Big crowds made in 2023. A busy interplay of lines of blue on a white background.

2302 Mikadootje

Mikadootje from 2023.

2203 Uit balans

Out of balance, made in 2022. The balance has been disturbed by the sinking of the list. What is going on???

2202 ColorBall

Colorball 2022. A colorful painting.

2110 Loslaten II

Loslaten II 2021. (Letting go II)

2108 Color in lanes

Color in lanes 2021. Here the colors have a tight pattern that they can't break out!
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