Workshop, saying goodbye to a colleague and making a painting together. HOW FUN!!!!

Claudia van Braak, owner of Office Service from Lochem: Alma has a great location to let your creativity run free. Alma welcomed us with a nice cup of coffee and delicious mon chou cake. After that I went together with my company to work on a canvas to say goodbye to 1 of my employees. The result is impressive, we had a nice afternoon and a beautiful painting.
Afterwards we got a cup of soup with baguette, and we could leave with a good feeling.

Erna: An unexpectedly fun afternoon resulting in a memento, a work of art in which everyone has shown their talent.

Mary: I really enjoyed working on 1 painting together. Pleasantly surprised with the result. Didn't expect that we could make something like this together. (Partly due to tips from Alma) Funny to see that everyone works differently.

Father, mother and two children, aged 3 and 5, come together to make a painting.

To celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary, we booked a morning of intuitive painting with Alma. Because how nice is it to make a painting together, the four of you, and to have it as a memory of this day?!
The kids (5 and 3) were, just like us, looking forward to it. The welcome was great! There were streamers hanging, we got a delicious pastry and while we drank our cup of coffee we had a nice chat with Alma. A very sweet, warm woman who immediately makes you feel at ease. And then we were allowed to start. Where do you start on such a large blank canvas? The kids knew it 🙂 It was great to be so busy with each other, and the painting turned out so much fun!
Alma has organized it well, you are completely unburdened, and you can really work on applying the paint to the canvas. And if you need tips, you can also contact Alma. She also makes beautiful paintings herself.
The painting is still with Alma, because she will seal the painting and as soon as it is dry, she will bring it to our home (so big it won't fit in the car). Very nicely arranged and very grateful for this memory.

A mother and her daughter spend an afternoon painting together. How nice is that? Some time alone for each other.
The conversation soon turns to 'letting go'. Sometimes quite difficult as a mother, but also for daughters, sometimes a challenge if your mother lives alone. Together, this mother and daughter have found a wonderful balance in 'letting go'.

Recommended. At Atelier Alma Jansen the atmosphere is super nice. I enjoyed a lot. And I am proud of the result.
Although that's not the point, that's a nice bonus.
Alma, thank you🙏🏻

It was so nice Marloes to be able to paint with the children of Pienter & Co. “Letting go” was the challenge that some did not find so easy. To gradually see that most children managed to go outside their comfort zone, and thus start to feel instead of think, was wonderful. Painting in a color that kept changing, to a painting that went from being very tight but suddenly unexpectedly got dots everywhere in places that cannot be determined exactly in advance. I have enjoyed seeing the changes in the children and hearing from them.
What I also admire a lot is the way Marloes treats the children. respect! So much love, patience and attention. Top!

It was very nice to be free to do what your gut said.
I like creative things anyway. Then I think of nothing. And nothing I can do wrong. Everything is good.
I really liked painting. At first, I was a bit nervous, I was afraid to paint with my fingers. Once I did it, I really liked it.

A workshop intuitive painting in the evening program of UNLP.

Alma introduced me to intuitive painting. She taught me different techniques in a nice, accessible way and encouraged me to try them out. While painting, she occasionally gave a tip, but also gave us plenty of room to make our own choices. The atmosphere was relaxed and thanks to Alma's guidance, at the end of the workshop everyone had a unique painting, with its own story. I had a very nice evening and have a nice memory of it!
Alma's workshop is in a safe setting, thanks to Alma herself. Everything is taken care of and if you don't know how to proceed, she sees that and helps you further in an encouraging way. This gives you more confidence and the space to really paint from your feeling. The result? You'll have to experience it for yourself, but trust me, it's surprising!
I followed the painting workshop at Alma. Alma is a sweet, caring, calm woman. She gives useful tips, advice and tells you how to get started. She knows different techniques, but mainly leaves it up to the student how to paint. Alma let me do my thing, she motivated me and I learned a lot from her interim feedback. My painting took shape. The moments of silence gave me inspiration, it's nice that Alma showed up late, and she also made herself heard when I was looking for confirmation. I felt no time pressure and I am very proud of the result. The peace and love that Alma radiates made me feel at ease. Thank you so much for the fun workshop!
My art teacher always to me: Milo, you can't draw, paint, make art etc. That made me very insecure and I gave up and stopped. Until I started doing the workshop at Alma, this changed my view of my own abilities. I amaze myself every time what kind of things I make now🍀
During a summer NLP training I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop intuitive painting given by Alma. Her enthusiasm and incentive to just do it made painting easy and fun. With a few simple tips, she offered enough guidance to quickly get started independently. The result surprised me and was enthusiastically applauded by her and the group. The painting has been given a nice place in the house and the memory is permanent. Maybe another painting campaign in the future? I'm in!
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