Atelier Alma Jansen

You can go to my studio for REST. Very simple, nothing more and nothing less. I coach when necessary. You indicate what you need.
For everyone who thinks: is this something for me? You can come to me for free for an hour to experience whether it is something for you. This applies to the painting workshop as well as to a painting coaching session.


Below you will find my story and what painting has brought me.

My name is Alma Jansen, founder/owner of Atelier Alma Jansen. I started painting in 2012. Painting gave me peace. I worked as a nurse in the hospital. Due to crowds, I painted less and less until it stopped completely. Not long after that I ended up in a burnout. How intense that was!

After a few weeks I was sent on to follow a trajectory for my recovery.

My head was still full of questions:

WHAT should I do now?

What SHOULD I do now?

What should I do now?

What should I do NOW? And it went on.

I started following the trajectory, but if you ask me now what I learned or did there? NO IDEA!!!! And that was very unfortunate. For me, my loved ones and my employer. In the meantime I had picked up painting again and I painted happily. I noticed that I was "loosing" my thoughts. This gave me a calm feeling. There was space in my head, that space gave me the opportunity to pick up the thread again. On to the future!

As of March 1, 2020, I have entered a new phase as an independent entrepreneur with my own studio at home. My passion is helping people, it is deeply rooted in me. In 2014 I completed the training for coach at the Academy for Coaching in Nijmegen (NOBCO). I didn't feel like I wanted to start coaching people then, I was missing something. In the summer of 2020 I started the NLP training at UNLP in Amsterdam. Everything fell into place. With painting coaching sessions I want to help people to find their peace again. Rest in the head gives space again for...........everything that gives you energy.

At the moment I am in a temporary studio space in a beautiful farm, "Erve Stroink" from 1815 in Enschede. I guide people here with stress/burn-out complaints, give workshops and work on my own canvases.


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