Het atelier

HOERA!!!!! (2022)

Finally I can start using my own Atelier at home. You are most welcome at the Rietveldhof 4 in Enschede. (But make an appointment 06 3653 7617).

Moving again

All beautiful things come to an end, including my beautiful studio in the farm on "Erve het Stroink". But ........ also a nice new beginning.

Another new location for my Atelier (2021)

From the Pentecost weekend 2021 I will open my doors at a new location "Erve het Stroink", Stroinksweg 88, Enschede. A farm from 1815. For navigation you must follow Stroinksweg 90.

Everything different again, the Monastery Church (2020)

Due to various circumstances, I can no longer use my new studio at the moment. But luckily after a long search I have now been able to find a temporary studio space in the Monastery Church of Dolphia. This is a beautiful space and I hope I can stay here for a while. It is a very inspiring space for me, which makes me very happy. In this space I give workshops and exhibitions. If you would like to visit us without obligation, please contact us for an appointment.

The new studio

The new studio is almost ready. A first impression. I finally have the space to work on several paintings at the same time.

The old studio

My first studio was a vacant room in our home. Below is a small impression of the old studio.

Are you interested in my paintings?
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