Blue with glitter from 2023. Let's go back, sponge and color is all that matters. The colors are green and blue metallic, and give a beautiful glitter effect.

Mikado uit 2023. De grote zus van mikadootje.

Unnamed from 2023.

Collorball II uit 2023.

Mikadootje from 2023.

Big crowds made in 2023. A busy interplay of lines of blue on a white background.

Study of lines from 2022. I am intrigued by lines and wanted to see what I could achieve with them on a canvas. Here's the result, a triptych.

Out of balance, made in 2022. The balance has been disturbed by the sinking of the list. What is going on???

Colorball 2022. A colorful painting.

Densification from 2022. Only three colors, white, black and blue. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lines condense.

Loslaten II 2021. (Letting go II)


Color in lanes 2021. Here the colors have a tight pattern that they can't break out!

Meer Energie

Meer Energie 2021 (More Energy)


Energie 2021 (Energy)

Mystiek 2021


Loslaten 2021 ( Letting go)


Bloemenperk 2021


Inhoud 2021 (Contents)

Nachtsneeuw 2021. ( Night snow)

Poollicht 2020. ( aurora borealis)

Heen en Weer 2020, a wide black border, but enough happens inside!

Mosselen op het strand 2020. ( Mussels on the beach)

Blauw en Lichtblauw 2020.

Glas in Lood 2020. (Stained glass)

Color in a Box

Color in a Box 2019. The colors are unbearable. Here and there the color takes matters into its own hands to jump out of the box.

Blauwe Pracht en Glitter 2019.

Naar de Bollen 2019. Here you get the feeling of "We are going to the bulbs".

Plastic Soep 2019. You will only be a fish. Amazing how much plastic we mindlessly leave behind!

Zomerbloei uit 2017.

Blauwe Explosie 2017.

Stoer 2017. On a beautiful summer day I started working on this painting outside. I could enjoy myself.

Detail of het Ei.

Het Ei 2015. Out of nowhere the egg just came into existence!

Colorfull 2015. A real eye-catcher with lots of color.

Pink 2015. The longer you look, the more colors you see.


Thriller 2014. Red as a basis. This canvas also participated in Kunst in de Etalage.

Paarse Wirwar

Paarse Wirwar 2014. Lots of relief and subdued colours.

Hemels blauw heelal

Blue 2014. It looks like a hole in the blue universe.

Zwart 2014.

Zilver 2014. Lots of relief and only one basic color.

Parelmoer 2014.

Blueground 2013. This was one of the paintings at Kunst in de Etalage.  

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