Workshop intuitive painting


We take into account the restrictions imposed by the government.


"Inspiring, inviting, supportive and surprisingly fun!"


"I felt very free to try new things. It was a lot of fun to do and gave a surprisingly nice painting."

The workshop

In my studio you can follow a workshop with friends, colleagues, sisters or other family to paint together.

It is also possible to hire me on your team day/family day, the workshop can then be fitted into the program. We can make a painting together, or each for himself. Everything is possible. Fun and experience are paramount.

The location of the workshop is in my own studio, Rietveldhof 4 in Enschede, or at my own location.

We make the workshop cozy, something delicious with the coffee / tea is part of that. There is plenty of opportunity to chat.

What do you get and what does it cost:

  • super deluxe € 195,- p.p cloth 100 x100, coffee / tea with something delicious
  • Standard € 60,- p.p. cloth 50x50, coffee/tea with something delicious.

Paint, brushes, use of paint knives, sponges, etc. are included.

Alma Jansen


Rietveldhof 4, 7544SB Enschede
+31 6 36 53 76 17

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